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Policies & Terms of Service

Zero Abuse Tolerance Policy & Reporting End User Abuse

Zero Abuse Tolerance

At FileLAN we do our best to screen end customers at sign-up via internal processes to attempt to locate orders that are not within

normal parameters or requests. However, there are people and groups out there that have bad intentions and believe they can hide due to the seemingly anonymity of the Internet in general. Many of these bad actors go through enormous amounts of work to hide who they are and what they are doing. To help combat the problem with those who wish to either perform illegal activities or actions that impact the FileLAN or any other third party network, FileLAN maintains a zero tolerance policy regarding verified abuse by any end user. Because monitoring each user individually would both violate the privacy of our users in general as well as be cost prohibitive, we rely on reports of issues as one of our front line defenses, in addition to internal defenses. Please report any abuse with supporting documentation to the email address below. We take all reports of abuse seriously and will open an internal investigation within 24 hours or shorter depending on criticality. When submitting a report, please include as much supporting documentation as possible. Examples including links, access logs, session logs, and the like. While we understand gathering supporting technical  information is burdensome, we require as much detail as possible in order to make a proper and legitimate case against an end user. We also need to ensure a balanced investigation for both parties protection in case someone who is a competitor or similar is submitting a false report. Our privacy policy is not to release any end user information to a third party, with the exception being illegal activity and a court order or similar legal requirement to do so.

Click Here to Email an Abuse Report (via Email)

General response time for internal ticket tracking and acknowledgment is approximately 12-48 hours from confirmed receipt.

Terms of Services - General Overview

The list below contains our general terms of service in summary. This list is not inclusive of all details. For complete terms of service, please review the link to the full terms of service document at the end of the list. This list is intended to provide an overview of what general services we allow on our network. FileLAN believes in everyones right to freedom of speech. However, there are certain specific items we cannot host as set by company management cultural direction.

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