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FileLAN Network & Infrastructure Overview

We Own Our Cloud Infrastructure

To power all of the services we offer at FileLAN, there are many infrastructure requirements both on terms of equipment and bandwidth. Unlike many providers who simply rent a few servers, we own our all of the equipment used to deliver service from servers, routers, firewalls, switches, etc. up to the point of data hand-off blended to multiple tier one Internet providers. This allows us to ensure any required maintenance is quickly addressed without waiting on a third party and maintain complete security oversight on traffic passing our network.

Why Host In Michigan?

Making the decision where to host your cloud services for primary and secondary sites requires taking in to account many aspects including regards to location of the hosting datacenter. Some of the top concerns in relation to the location of the hosting datacenter are regional connectivity, latency to major Internet exchange points, natural disaster probability, energy generation capacity and sustainability, and local climate to name a few. Below is a small list of reasons to choose hosting in Michigan.

- Michigan is one of the lowest disaster risk index states in the United States (USGS)

- Low latency access to major Internet exchanges of Chicago & New York

- Hydro electric, wind, and nuclear sustainable power generation throughout

- Strong industrial base contributing to growth in regional data infrastructure

- Cooler climate making cooling of equipment more efficient (Long cold season)

- Content delivery at low latency from the Mid West to the East Cost

- Highly technical workforce in transition to information service careers

Lower total cost of operation due to multiple factors allows us to offer higher quality services at a more competitive rate then other providers

Troy Data Center (DC-2)

Located in the suburbs of Detroit is our DC-2 co-location facility where we have our cloud infrastructure suite co-located with Managed Way. This facility was recently constructed and features multiple layers of physical security, diverse fiber optic cable entries, multiple tier one bandwidth providers (Level 3, AT&T, Verizon Business, US Signal, Cogent, and more), building automation, security camera monitoring, and local meeting space. In addition to the physical and connectivity aspects of this facility Managed Way also owns and operates hundreds of miles of metro fiber within the metro Detroit area enabling FileLAN to offer direct fiber connectivity to local businesses forming a dedicated path to our service core. Below are key highlights for our DC-2 location as well as some pictures. Contact us if your purchasing agent(s) or technical employee(s) would like to schedule a tour before ordering services.

*Facility tours are based on sales availability and for official business/proposals/certification inspection request only.

Additionally to ensure security and compliance criteria is met, NDA as well as vetting is required of anyone being escorted for a tour.

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