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About FileLAN.com & UticaWirelessNET LLC of Michigan

Historical Summary

2006 - 2011, (The Experiment Years)

We were originally founded as a WISP (Wireless Internet Service Provider) in the Utica, Michigan area. However, due to heavy market penetration with three major carriers, raising  the capital needed for large scale wireless system builds was not feasible. The decision was made to move to data center centric services such as dedicated server hosting  as well as standard VPS hosting. During this time server hardware was greatly lower in capacity and density which meant lower contention ratios per server as  well as increased power and cooling requirements. Much time during this era was dedicated to developing the architecture models as well as writing custom control panel framework for managing our network. These principles developed during the early days have provided an invaluable insight in to the hosting and software defined inter workings required to stay on the cutting edge.


2006 - 2011, (Systems Development / Private Hosting)

During this time period FileLAN transition from a public service provider to only private hosting in compliment with consulting services and continued software development internally related to data center and virtualization areas.


2016 - Tomorrow


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